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1 Net Carb per Ounce!

Fattyhead is on the menu in Kansas City at all three Old Shawnee Pizza locations and Papa Keno's Crossroads District. Fattyhead Take & Bake 2-packs are for sale at all three Old Shawnee Pizza locations, OMG Coffee & Donuts in Blue Springs, and Clarity Gluten Free Shop in Buckner.  Signing on with a distributor soon. Thank you!

Fattyhead Keto Crust is a rich, satiating blend of almond flour, cheeses, egg and herbs baked into an extremely low carb, golden, gluten-free flatbread for people following ketogenic, low-carb, or gluten-free eating plans. Just 2 net carbs per serving! Fattyhead can be used as pizza crust, sandwich wraps, even a pita-like dipping bread for sauces, marinara and spinach dips. Unlike many other gluten-free pizza crusts in the market made with cauliflower, Fattyhead does not use rice flour or tapioca starch (Read Those Labels!), which catapult the carb count out of ketogenic range. It’s a return to real food like grandma used to make, with healthy fats that kept our cavemen forefathers energized and on the move. It’s time to embrace the fat that feeds our brains, fills our bellies, and nourishes our palates. It’s time for Fattyhead! 


Macros Per Serving: Net Carb 2g | Protein 14g | Fat 17g | Calories 212


Crust Size: 10 inch round, 8 ounces | Serving Size: 2 ounces (4 servings per crust)

Ingredients: Mozzarella Cheese, Cream Cheese, Eggs, Almond Flour, Flax Seed, Salt, Italian Herbs

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