The Fattyhead Story

My name is Laura Manivong, and I am a food addict.


Fattyhead evolved after a lifelong obsession with food. My first

memory revolves around addictive eating when I was 3 years old,

watching tv in my felt-covered teddy bear rocking chair while eating

fistfuls of sugared cereal right from the box. My mother saw the

mess and her reaction was lasting. In first grade, I learned I was fat

when the school nurse lined up all the kids to step on the scale, and

I weighed more than anyone else. In 4th grade, my pants would not

button so I could never tuck in a shirt. I swore by 13, I'd be skinny,

but no, and a 7th grade boy wrote in my yearbook, "Fatty, Fatty, have a nice summer." Then again at 16 and 21 and so on. No diet or amount of exercise offered any kind of lasting results. So at age 48, I underwent gastric bypass surgery. I lost 80 pounds! Then I strayed from the plan. I ate foods that would easily slip through my small stomach pouch and regained 30 pounds. I was defeated...I was going to be that person who goes to the extreme and then gains all the weight back. Then I started developing episodes of reactive hypoglycemia, and I was very frightened, as my only health problem to date was being morbidly obese. I researched ways to mitigate the condition and discovered ketogenic eating. I was not perfect at it, but it worked to control my blood sugar swings. And something else magical happened...


After living with major depressive disorder and anxiety for 30 years, I started noticing more energy. Instead of sleeping the entire weekend away, I would wake by 2 pm on Saturday, then noon, and eventually I was springing out of bed with far fewer body aches, energy I hadn't felt since my teen years, and much less brain fog and anxiety. Through my very imperfect style of ketogenic eating, I got my life back. I stopped taking 3 out of 4 prescription medications for depression. And I lost the 30 pounds I had regained after surgery.


In 2018, I even walked away from my 30 year career as an Emmy-winning television producer, because I knew there was something more for me. Fattyhead is it. I made this crust for 18 months for family and friends, and in February 2019, I decided to turn it into an official business. I am thrilled you have found your way to my website. Have hope. More than anything, hope is what I want to deliver.

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