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Consumer 10" 6-Pack Fattyhead

Occasional Shipping Offer for Consumers Only in 48 Contiguous States. This is the same keto crust served in 75 restaurants in TX, MO, KS, GA, WV. We are a very small company managing efforts to scale up and can OCCASIONALLY open shipping for consumer! Watch our FB page for announements. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping. 


Par-Baked Flatbread 6-Pack (10-inch rounds) ready for you to make pizza, crackers, guac toast, sandwiches, garlic flatbread, and more! These flatbreads can be cut however you like (cracker size, sandwiches, etc) and heated in your oven or air fryer to achieve the level of crunch you like best. 


Upon receipt, store crusts in freezes. Tightly wrapped, they last up to a year. Follow package instructions to make pizza, crackers, wraps, etc. 


Please note that Fattyhead is produced in a mixed-use commercial kitchen, and while we use no grain or gluten in our recipes, we cannot guarantee that cross contamination won't occur. Please use caution if you have special dietary needs. 


By placing an order, you agree to our terms and conditions for the shipping program. 

Consumer 10" 6-Pack Fattyhead

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