Want to make pizza, crackers, guac toast, sandwiches, garlic flatbread, and more? This option delivers SIX 2-packs for the price of five. That's 12 half-pound flatbreads! You'll be set for a couple months with baked flatbread that stores in your freezer. You can cut them however you like and heat in your oven or air fryer to achieve the level of crunch that you like best. 


With all Fattyhead products, freeze upon receiving or eat within 2-3 days and consume by best by date on package. They will last in the freezer if wrapped tightly for 5-6 months. To reheat, air fryers and ovens work best if your desire is crunch! Be sure to keep an eye on the air fryer, and an average oven temp is 325 degrees, unless you're making pizza, and you can go to 375 degrees. Let cool before slicing. Cautiously reheating in microwave works, too, and your Fattyhead will be soft. 


Please note that these products are produced in a mixed-use commercial kitchen, and while we use  no grain or gluten in our recipes, we cannot guarantee that gluten and allergen cross contamination won't occur. Please use caution if you have special dietary needs. 


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Baked Fatty Flatbread in Bulk!

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