LOCAL ONLY: Main Course Meal Prep

Meetup Details: Gladstone Police Station, Tuesday 5:30pm. Orders close Saturday 10pm.

Main Course Keto means we do the heavy lifting. We handle those long shopping lists, scrub the pots and pans, and keep your kitchen time to a minimum by including multi-serving selections that you can spruce up with a salad or sad, or skip it altogether and simply heat and eat your Fattyhead meal. Plus, by using one container for multiple servings, we can reduce landfill waste! So take a look at this week's package, and we'll see you at our meet-up spot!


Included In This Package:

1) Chicken Lasagna with Alfredo Pink Sauce, 3 servings

2) Broccoli Cheddar Soup Pint

3) Beanless Turkey Chili Pint

4) Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

5) Flatbread 2-Pk (10-inch rounds)


To make sure we are streamlined and efficient, we cannot offer any substitions. Please consume or freeze meals one week from the productin date on each package. We appreciate your interest and are thrilled to help you stick to your health goals!

LOCAL ONLY: Main Course Meal Prep

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